AGE RANGE: 3 – 8

PROGRAM RUNS:  In 6 week sessions from January to May and we are off for the summer.  We resume sessions in August and run through December.

DAYS: Thursdays

TIMES: 9:30am – 1:00pm


PRICES: $35/week (Paid in 6 week sessions)

RULES OF KINDNESS: As naturalists we are committed to inspiring and teaching respect for the earth and all its creatures and this includes modeling and fostering respect for self and for others at all times. We encourage cooperative activities, guiding children into co-creative adventures. We have a zero tolerance policy for hitting, grabbing, pushing, name calling, aggressiveness, bullying or any other demeaning behavior.


LUNCH: We encourage parents to pack a healthy and sensible lunch for their child as well as pack a refillable water bottle.  They will have access to water at all times throughout the day.  We also encourage each child to bring a “community snack” in which they can share with the village.  The recommend snacks that can be easily eaten like baby carrots, sliced fruit or cubes of cheese.


DRESSING APPROPRIATELY: Making sure your child is dressed appropriately for all outdoor play is critical to the success of our program. We adhere to the motto: There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing choices. You will need to make sure you dress your children in clothes they can get messy in.

Remember that this is an entirely-outdoor school. Make sure that you and your child are both okay with that. Your child will encounter sun, rain, insects, dirt, sand, and mud, glorious mud, on their adventures.  We recommend bringing a set of extra clothes for your child to change into when you pick them up.

*In situations when the weather does pose a serious threat such as lightning or heavy wind we will take shelter and depending on the duration of the severe weather we may ask for parents to pick their children up earlier than normally scheduled.